Welcome to the light of self discovery

A new Tarot method developed in Australia combining traditional Tarot reading with the sacred wisdom of chakras. You will discover the messages, guidance and answers you need to know in this particular time of your journey. I would like to invite you to a space of positive energy, kindness and acceptance.

•Learn what is blocking your soul from experiencing ease, joy and love
•Discover how you can heal and balance your charkas
•Each reading is unique as you’re lest connect and discover more!


What the community is saying

  • Maxis (Germany)
    I made a tarot reading with the beautiful Alex. I really wanted to have a reading for a long time and then I met her spontaneously. So we met at a wonderful place in Ubud, Bali and I was excited. Alex has a really kind and gorgeous way of talking to someone. I felt more than comfortable. The reading was awesome! Alex opened my eyes to a new perspective of my life and everything matched up with my current situation. At the end I got a chakra healing as well and I felt so grounded and good. It wasn’t a normal card reading it was mind opening and a really important way to grow and learn more about myself. Thanks for everything my dear
    Maxis (Germany)
  • Lisa  (Costa Rica)
    Once, I was in a stage of my life where everything was black and flat. At some point, I met Alex and she gave me a lot of support spiritually. She is a super kind person and she is full of good things. Alex made several tarot readings that were very accurate. One year later, things happened as she described it and I have found my path thanks to her. Her readings are not a prediction of the future, but more about how to try to manage situations and be a better person. That is how I used her readings. I felt so much lighter after her readings. I totally recommend Alex, as she as exceptional person not only for the card reading and healing, but as an eternal friend as she is always sharing her good vibe.
    Lisa (Costa Rica)
  • Kathy - (Australia)
    thank you for being the guide bringing clarity to my life at the moment I really appreciate it. It so helpful
    Kathy - (Australia)
  • Hendrik - (Germany)
    One of the most beautiful person on this planet I have met, her service was beyond my expectations, when you around her you just open up and surrender. Her guided meditation was an human experience with love and kindness with touched my heart and soul. thank you s much for offering your service for the higher purpose this lifetime
    Hendrik - (Germany)
  • Nicoletta- (Italy)
    My friend you are kindness, space and much much more thank you…
    Nicoletta- (Italy)
  • Jo-Anne ( Australia )
    I would call her my tarot reader, as she has held my hand before adversity has happened,by guiding me into a space of knowing & trust. My last reading has unfolded like a book... page by page....I'm ready for my next.
    Jo-Anne ( Australia )
  • Sarah Owel
    At first, I have no idea what's Tarot reading healing then Alex has explained to me how it works and I am so glad to have met her! I feel this could be one of the best solutions!
    Sarah Owel
  • Diana
    Alex was very helpful and now I feel so much better!
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