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Meet Alexandraluna

Hi, I’m Alexandra

 Intuitive Entrepreneur and Founder of healing Tarot

 My soul purpose and mission is to Help you to connect with the Divine,  Your Intuition, Access Your Inner soul wisdom, And Bring light to the world , Using  Healing Tarot As A Guide.

Professional Biography

  • Professional Tarot card reader

  • Chakra Healing therapist

  • Theta Healing Therapist



  • Comprehensive Tarot (Australia 2017)

  • Chakra Healing (bali, 2018)

  • Advance Theta Healing  (Bali, 2019)

My Values





My story

Since an early age I was exposed to the mystical world of connecting to God through prayers, seeking guidance and healing through plants, natural medicine, and believing in magical rituals.

My first spiritual guide was my mother, who taught me how to pray. Her name is Marth Luna, she can  predict events through reading coffee beans and many of her friends will gather in our house for a reading. I wanted to see and speak the same way as my mum, I tried to read the coffee grinding but It didn’t work.  Till one day my sister brought home a set of spanish playing cards and I asked her to sit down because i was going to do reading for her; At the time I was only teen years old, weeks later the things I have told my sister started to manifest it was a innocent beautiful moment in my early life. 

In my early teenage years, I manifested the desire of traveling to India and learning about Yoga and Meditation, since then I knew my path was the spiritual one. It was a crazy idea at the time, as I was just a 14 year old Colombian girl. (usually girls at that age in that side of the world dream about other things)


How I Started With Tarot

My history with Tarot begins when I had my first reading in 2013 in Cairns Australia; I was fascinated by the energy of those purple cards, and wanted to know more about them; I was surprised they were selling the same deck in the crystal store where the reading occurred. It was meant to be! Initially I started doing my own readings, until one day a friend was desperate for some guidance, and my inner voice screamed “tell her about your cards.” It was my first step into the rewarding path of guiding others.

It took me a few years of inner work, spiritual trips to India  and Indonesia to build the confidence and knowledge of accepting my soul’s calling and becoming a healer through the mystical world of Tarot. 

Since Then, I have read Tarot for hundreds of people in Australia and Bali. I also have connected globally with people from all continents.  

In 2019 I started Teaching the wisdom of Tarot workshop in Australia and Bali, currently I am working on offering this teachings online.   

I am passionate about wisdom and learning holistic approaches to Healing and soul discovery. 

         “May we all become Who God Created us to Be”

with gratitude 

 Alexandra Luna







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