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Tarot Card Reading

What is Tarot:

Tarot is a system of archetypes , a picture-book of the human condition , reflecting our states of mind and stages of life . For decades people have consulted the Tarot cards for religious instructions , spiritual insight and self knowledge. 

The Tarot shows you what lies beneath the surface of a situation and a range vision. It lets you gaze into the future and see what is likely to happen. It shines light on murky matters including your own subconscious motivations.

Benefits of a Tarot Reading :

Gain Clarity :  Tarot can offer a different perspective on a problem and innovate ways forward. 

Decision making:

Struggling to make a decision?  A Tarot reading will help to see the gaze, the energy in your current situation and influences. 

Although only you have the power to take decisions over your life (Free will ) it can give you new insight and inspire you to make a promising decision

Identify areas in need of improvement:

Tarot can help you to identify which aspects of your life  are in need of love and nurturing while giving you guidance in the right direction. 

A Tarot reading will help you to understand the way you  think and behave from an energetic perspective and how this affects yourself and others.

comfort and peace:

Have you been dwelling on the negatives rather than enjoying the positives? If so, a change of perception may be all you need,  Whether you’ve been feeling anxious, resensul,  worried or fearful, a Tarot reading could help you overcome your struggles and achieve a sense of calm.

Improve Relationships


readings related to matters of the heart can be beneficial at any stage of your relationship. You don’t need to wait until things are almost completely unraveled to seek advice.

Tarot will help you embrace and appreciate the positive aspects of your relationship while highlighting the areas that need more attention and commitment.

Why Healing Tarot: I have created healing tarot with the intention of a holistic approach for  personal and spiritual growth. 

Are you seeking to transform your life? A Tarot reading is an excellent place to start! Healing Tarot will help you gain a deeper understanding of the facets of your life or personality that are in need of Healing and renewal.
– General overview
– Question and Answers
– Energy Healing
Duration: 60 MIN
Investment : 120 AUD








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