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October 12, 2018
September’s Tarot Energy Reading
September 6, 2019
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Lessons I have learned in my 20s

Hi, this Alexandra Luna, Welcome to my blog! I am professional Tarot card reader born in Colombia; Based between Australia and the Island of gods Bali. I am excited to start writing again; and with no idea if anyone will actually read what I have share, I am totally fine with it ! Yes I have learned in my 20’s the importance of doing things you love simply because they bring you joy.


1.Who ever will love you, will do it without any forced efforts, without pushing, playing games and trying to convince them you are the perfect one. “if you have try too hard, most likely is not your the perfect match”

2. Taking care of your bodies (spiritual, mental and emotional) will take you along way, when you start to neglecting any of them living you everyday life will be a lot harder. “Nourishment

3.You will start missing the energy and drive from your younger days! Yes I am not 80 yet, but I can feel the difference! “Investing energy wisely”

4. Match Men’s behaviour with what they are actually speaking, a lot of times it doesn’t add up! See people for who they are an not for the imaginary romantic version you have in your mind. (ops)

Tarot card The lovers: Love and relationships, maturity and decisions

5. Sexual Attraction doesn’t equal love.

6. Some lessons are harder than others, however it’s only up to you how you react and how smoothly you let go “still mastering this one”

7.Some relationships will make you others will break you. “Embrace the lessons leave the pain”

8. At some point you have to become your own father and mother; forgive the ones you had, most likely they also have been wounded by their own parents. It’s not your fault you were hurt, its your responsibility to heal and love yourself. “Forgiveness”

9. A song can make you the happiest woman on the dance floor and suddenly it can take you back to that unforgotten love. (Keep dancing)

10. Trust, train, master, upgrade your inner knowing “your Intuition is your soul’s voice and its always right

11. Yes, Yes dear you will fall in love again !

12. Self love and self esteem will be your best greatest friend. “It all starts there)

The wheel of Fortune: Fate, Change Intuition

13. There will be times when you feel you got things right then the universe may send you back to square one. (Mastering life lessons)

Be king, be gentle

Alexandra Luna.

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