October’s Tarot Energy Reading

September’s Tarot Energy Reading
September 6, 2019
November Energy Reading
October 30, 2019

October’s Tarot Energy Reading

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By Alexandra Luna Healing Tarot

Be ready to get Naked!

Full moon on October 14th the full moon in Aries highlights independence and can trigger impatient quality. Decisions making and wanting to move forward energy coming!

New moon on October 28th a breakthrough that leads to new freedom will be possible. Forget the Right thing or following the rules and use this full moon to help you to go deeper into to your journey of self understanding.


Many of us have been challenged during the virgo season (September) feeling emotionally confused, betrayal, energetically exhausted and crying over the spilled milk; be open to accept you are co-creating all of this interactions; consciously or un-consciusly.

Art work by photographize.co

“As you sow in your subconscious mind, so shall you reap in your body and environment.” 

A lot of the challenges we have been facing are merely a call to look those unhealed aspects of ourselves. And with the new energy of Libra, we will feel a deep desire to get naked, open and honest with ourselves: Time of evaluating your relationship to people and material things than keep you “chained” it’s time to let go of old fears, hang-ups, inhibitions, and ways you manipulate others to satisfy your needs.

The energy is supporting and encouraging to stop trying too hard to be someone you are not. Your efforts to fulfil an outside expectation is bringing struggle and resistance to relationship with a friend, lover,partner, colleague. Take a close look at your relationships. Are you true to you? Answer to this call and get ready to experience unconditional love.

No one is more qualified to love you than you are!


“Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have.”

I see a lot of Sacral, solar plexus energy overflowing for us ladies. A time of awakening your beauty and strength. Time to be true to yourself! and open up to new opportunities, connections and romantic interactions. Open your heart to the inspiring creator you are. Love every part of you. There is not delegating self-love. No one else can do the job like you can.


As you focus on your dreams and desires you will pull them towards you. In the past you may have relied on the outside world for validation . You are now becoming master of your life. Experience brings confidence , independence and freedom.
every step refines and clarifies your path.

with Gratitude,

Alexandra Luna

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