September’s Tarot Energy Reading

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August 28, 2019
October’s Tarot Energy Reading
September 27, 2019

September’s Tarot Energy Reading

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By Alexandra Luna Healing Tarot

September is a special month for me, because it’s the time when the spring returns the southern Hemisphere and It’s my Birthday Month!

Full moon: September 14 Intuitive dreams may flourish as full moon in pisces will be conjunct soulful Neptune

New Moon: September 28 Diplomacy, tact and the need for a healthy debate may be highlighted By the new moon in Libra.

Moon Phases by Nature Magick

September’s energy is going to feel a lot more emotional than our previous month (Leo season) and whatever intentions projects and goals you have set in August, will require re evaluation; Perhaps the energy of the Lion made us a bit overexcited. Re consider what is worth your investments (Time, energy, money, attention) and what is better to let go of a cut off your looses.

also, this is good opportunity to celebrate what we already have achieve, The energy of virgo tents to be overcritical and analytical. (celebrate your victories and progress)

So, we got emotions bursting, feeling a bit nostalgic, and the energy is asking us to continue transforming and letting go of what is weighing us down, Transformation, re-Birth, Change. This is a cleansing, healing and transitional month.

In terms of finances: if you are thinking to invest bigger or joining partnerships, The Tarot is highly recommending us to wait for some more time, till there is a change of energy, more clear information or even better opportunities. Do not rush anything in terms of money, finances and investments.

There is a loving call to nurture ourselves, one of the Qualities of Virgo the mother of the Zodiac is to take care of everything and everyone with the downside of neglecting her own well being. Take small loving steeps to nurture yourself.

The Birth of Venus by Botticelli 

In terms of love and relationships:

There is a beautiful time to re- connect with friendships. For the time being let go of any anxiety, desires and stress around romantic relationships.

focus on your relationships with friends turn to them for support if you need it.

If you are already in a relationship kindly be honest with yourself and check with your heart if this connection is truly serving your highest good.

If things are going good in the love department for you, with the virgo season you may have a tendency to be overcritical of your partner, and create extra worries. Take a deep breath and move into your heart space.

Extra message :

September will bring unexpected opportunities, news and new possibilities. Tune into the frecuency of abundance!

Alex Channeling the energy reading at @zestubud

Be king, be gentle

Alexandra Luna

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